​First United Methodist Church of Davis, Oklahoma

Pastoral History

1885J.C. Powell1931D.V. York
1885-88A.N. Averyt1931-33Monroe G. Wright
1889John W Bryce1934-37Thomas B. Talley
1890J.F. Wagnon1938-39Ernest L. Lloyd
1891A.B.L. Hunkapillar1940-41M.F. Bell
1892W.H. Averyt1942-44Hobart D. Ragland
1893D.T. James1945Fred Dunning
1894-95A.M. Belcher1946-47C. Otis Ball
1896W.H. Huston1947-49Herschel W. Hall
1897J.N. Moore & F.E. Shanks1950-53Mose Whittington
1898-99M.A. Smith1954-58Charles E. Hoole
1900W.H. Averyt1958-61Jay P. Irby
1901H.B. Henry1961-63James Egan
1902-03T.M. Jackson1963-65Jack Burton
1904H.J. Brown & J.H. Denny1965-67J. Boyd Ruffner
1905C.A. Burris1967-69Joe L. Hock
1906J.R. Smith1969-72V. Troy Pults
1907-09J.L. Gage1972-74Arthur F. Haddock
1910J.H. Rogers1974-75Sanford Wiley
1911Wm. D. Matthews1975-77Brad Humphrey
1912-13R.A. Crosby1977-82Charles Nordean
1914J.G. Blackwood1982-84Woody McClendon
1915E.H. Driskill1984-88Dennis C. Jones
1916R.E. Reagan1988-89John C. Stow
1917C.M. Buttrill1989-93Bill H. Cooke
1918G.E. Glasspool1993-96L. Don Griffin
1919-1920C.W. Young1996-98Les Thompson, Jr.
1921Frank Hopkins1998-03John L. Joughin
1922W.O. Butcher2003-08Wayne Loftin
1923-25A.E. Watford2008-12Ben Williams
1926J.F. Hendry2012-14David Jenkins
1927-30Fred A. Tucker2014-Steve Harshaw

The First United Methodist Church of Davis is steeped in tradition that has been handed down for over one hundred-thirty years.  It was established in 1885.  Some descendants from the first congregation are members of the Davis Church today.

Originally, the church was part of three different congregations, Oak Ridge, Davis, and Hoover.  At various times it has been part of many circuits, including Pauls Valley, Arbuckle, Wynnewood and Velma, and it has been part of the Indian Missionary Conference.

The first physical church was built in 1889 at the present location.  It was a white frame structure and quite nice for the time.  By 1924 the congregation had outgrown the building.

The second church was constructed in 1924-1925.  It was a red brick, two-story building with a basement.  It was an elegant building, but not easily accessible to the handicapped.

In 1961 the congregation moved into its present sanctuary.  We feel blessed to have this lovely building for our worship services. 

In 1968 The United Methodist Church was formed by the union of The Methodist Church and The Evangelical United Brethren Church.

In 2003 the church remodeled the kitchen and built a new fellowship hall.

The church bell that was on the first church still stands on the church grounds today and is still rung announcing the beginning of the Sunday worship service.

​The emphasis of our church today is making disciples for Jesus Christ, Christian nurture, community service, and serving God in the twenty-first century.